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Here you will find a list of our current governors and a record of their attendance at meetings over the past 18 months. Their term of office is also stated as is their connection with other educational establishments. More detail about each governor will be added once collated. 

None of the governors has any declared business or financial interests, and where they are a governort of any other school, this is stated alongside  their name.
LEA Representative
Joyce Horsbrough (Chair)    
Foundation Representatives
Vacancy Fr Chris Buckley, Vicar of Hunslet Pam Clark
  31/01/2013-31/01/2020 20/01/2017-20/01/2020
Helen Moxley Vacancy Suzanne Wildridge
07/07/2015-07/07/2019   31/08/2014-31/08/2018
Fr Martin Charlesworth    
Parent Representatives
Waheed Khan Tolu Owolabi  
01/11/2017-31/10/2021 27/01/2016-27/01/2020  
Staff Representatives
Mark Ford (Headteacher) Susan Stevenson(Teaching Staff)  
Associate Members
Helen Lillywhite (Children's Centre representative) Karen Shields (School Office Manager)  
Committee structure

                        Mark Ford
                        Joyce Horsbrough (chair)                
                        Pam Clark
                        Fr Chris Buckley
                        Andy Lightfoot (Associate member)
                        Jim Roberts (Associate member)
                        (Suzanne Wildridge was a member in 15-16 but is no longer)

Pupil Support-  
                        Mark Ford
                        Fr Martin Charlesworth
                        Suzanne Wildridge
                        Fr Chris Buckley (chair)
                        Joyce Horsbrough
                        Debbie Crosthwaiter (Associate member)
                        Karen Shields (Associate member)

Teaching and Learning-
                        Mark Ford
                        Joyce Horsbrough (chair)
                        Waheed Khan
                        Helen Moxley
                        Tolu Owolabi
                        Susan Stevenson
                        Helen Lillywhite (Associate member)
                        (Emma Tempest and Venessa Crosthwiate were members in 15-16 but are no longer)

Performance Management and Pay-
                         Joyce Horsbrough
                         Pam Clark

Pay Appeal Committee-
                         Waheed Khan
                         Helen Moxley
                        Suzanne Wildridge