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Jan 2021 - Feb 2021
Online learning. 

Hello everyone, 
As you will all be aware, our new learning platform is now on Teams. 
All children have log in details to access the work. On here they can complete the work set and turn it back in. 

Just in case anyone is struggling to use this I will also place the work on here daily. 

Many thanks, 
Miss Smith
Please be aware that Teams is running slowly at the moment due to the high demand of its use across the country. Please bare with it and let me know if you have persistent problems.

Miss Smith
Video meeting every day at 9:10am

How online learning is going to work

We will be having a meeting every day at 9:10am on Teams. You need to be logged onto Teams by then and I will start the call at 9:10. We can then discuss our daily work and have a catch-up! We will have another video call at 1:45pm every day to check that everyone is ok with their work and answer any questions you have.
Remember that you are working remotely from school - you are still expected to complete your work as if we were in class so I look forward to seeing the excellent job that you will do of everything!

If you need to email me for any reason, my email address is: rebekah.smith@hunsletstmarys.co.uk

Thursday 24th  September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Can you write some instructions telling me how to get ready on a morning. Think about each step carefully, DON'T FORGET ANYTHING - the document today for English is just to help you, don't worry about printing this

Maths - Finding 1,000 more or less

Read the questions carefully.

Spelling Practise - Practise the spellings on the sheet, can you remember which set are yours from Mr Keddie. Remember to think carefully about your handwriting.
Can you create your own wordsearch using the spellings? Bring them to school tomorrow for someone to try.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Listen to our new book - were you predictions correct? 
Can you create a story map - use pictures to remind you what happens in the story. Look at the example to help you.

Maths - Finding 1, 10 or 100 more and less

Read the questions carefully.

French - See if you can remember the colours in French, have a go at the worksheets first and then have a look at the games.

Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Look at the front cover of our new book, what do you think it is about? Use the clues to make predictions.

Maths - Using Number lines up to 10,000

Read the questions carefully.

Computing - Use this website to write down key things about how and why it is important to stay safe on the internet https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/stay-safe/

Monday 21st September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Activty 1 - think about the word classes we already know (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions) can you underline or write the word class you have been asked to find
Activty 2 - can you correctly add the personal pronoun that completes the sentence - which one makes the most sense?

Maths - Partitioning 4 digit numbers

Read the questions carefully.

Science - Use the information sheet to help you identify the rocks you can find in your garden or think of different things that might be made out of the different types of rocks, for example slate - roof tiles, marble - kitchen worktops

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Word Classes Predict what our first book is all about Create a story map Write a set of instructions BACK TO SCHOOL
Maths Partitioning 4 digit numbers

Number line to 10,000



Finding 1,10,100 more or less

1,000 more or less BACK TO SCHOOL
Wider Curriculum Science - Identifying rocks in the local area Computing - exploring esafety French - Recapping French colours Spellings - Spelling Group Activity/wordsearch/handwriting practise BACK TO SCHOOL


Friday 18th September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Read the description I have written, using the picture to help me. You then need to think about where the magic carpet might take the boy for his first adventure. Draw a picture of it and write a description about what he would see, feel and hear when he arrived there.

Maths - Using and reading numbers with 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s

Read the questions carefully.

There is also a times table Fluent in 15 to try today, see how many you can do in 15 minutes

History - Activity 1 - can you put the events into chronological order on a timeline?
Activity 2 - Have a read of the information about the Stone Age and crete a poster telling me the important and interesting facts you found out

Thursday 17th September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - Activity 1 - Use the picture prompts to help you remember what makes a good piece of descriptive writing, don't worry if you can't find them all but think about certain sentence types. Activity 2 - Read through the paragraph that I have written and provide me with 2 stars (something good) and a wish (something I need to add to make it even better).

Maths - Represent numbers to 10,000

Read the questions carefully.


PSHE - Write or draw in the bubbles what your hopes and dreams are for the next week, the next month and the next year. What are you aiming to achieve?

Wednesday 16th September 2020.

Please find all the work you will need for today here:

English - use the skills we have been practising in class to improve sentences. Think about CAPITAL LETTERS, FULL STOPS, COMMAS FOR LIST, SPELLING, QUESTION MARKS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS. Write the sentences and send them in.

Maths - Count in 1000s.

We begin at 0, 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,8000,9000 and 10,000.

Read the questions carefully.


R.E - Stand in your garden and look around at the nature around you, using the colour wheel list the different things that you can see that match the colours. Write down a sentence to tell me something that stands out to you, why does it catch your attention?

Dear parents and carers, 

As you are all aware, our class bubble has had to be disbanded due to a positive test result within the bubble. All the children and adults within the bubble now to have self-isolate.  
I understand at this time you may be feeling anxious so if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the following email address:

Following education guidance from the government, the education of the children must continue. Back when the first lockdown happened, the activities and lessons for English and Maths that were uploaded were aimed at building upon the children's prior learning in Y3. However, due to the 6 months previous of the children not being in school, it is essential that we press on with the national curriculum and begin introducing new concepts to reduce the loss of learning. 

Each morning I will host a zoom meeting at 9.30am which I will send an ID and password for earlier in the morning. 
If you would like your child to join the zoom meeting but don't have an account, you can set one up here https://zoom.us/signin
On the zoom meetings I will explain the days work and help with any explanations. 
Each day I will be posting an English, Maths and a wider curriculum activity.  Any work completed should be sent to my email address: rebekah.smith@hunsletstmarys.co.uk as it is completed. This way I can look at the work and send feedback etc. It is really important the children complete the work that is uploaded so they don't fall behind in their learning. Pictures can be taken of the work completed or files uploaded via email if they complete it on a laptop or tablet.  There will also be links to websites and TTRS will still be available.

I am also going to be holding a zoom meet up session on Friday afternoon where myself and the other staff members from the bubble will be on and we can have a little virtual get together. I will send out the zoom i.d and password Friday morning. If you would like your child to join the zoom meeting but don't have an account, you can set one up here https://zoom.us/signin 

Tomorrows learning will be uploaded by 9am tomorrow morning and I will be contactable all day using this email address or the message board on our class page. 
Can I please remind you during these times to Stay Safe Online. I know I am asking you to use different websites and different links on a daily basis to help you with your home learning but please make sure you are being safe and only following the links that I have posted. Also remember the discussions we have had in class on how we stay safe;
  • Only add your real friends to online games
  • Do not talk to anyone you don't know
  • Do not give your personal information (such as your school, your whole name, your age, your address)
  • Only use games and apps that are appropriate for your age
  • Tell an adult if you see something that worries you
  • Talk to your adults about what you are doing on the interenet so they know you are being safe
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  • 16-09-2020 - Miss SmithGood Morning everyone, it was lovely to see some of you on Zoom this morning. Jack, Roselyn and Gracie if you could get an adult to email me then I can make sure you get the Zoom details for tomorrow. My email is in the part above for your parents.
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Computing/ICT Lessons

Here you can find activities that we are doing in school for our computing lessons.

A little message from the staff to all our families

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Useful links
Here are a variety of links that you can use to make your learning different. I will try and upload more of these over the next couple of weeks as I find useful ones. The BBC bitesize daily activities do not start until 20th April but please use this website for exploring Geography, History and Science aspects of your learning.

Mrs Lillitos Writing Lesson

Carol Vorderman - Maths Factor

BBC Bitesize Daily lessons

White Rose Maths Daily lessons

Easy to follow art lessons

Daily Science Lessons