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Activity day opportunity for Year 3

The government guidance and restrictions mean that we are unable to admit Year 3 back full time like we have for other year groups. However, for those families who have expressed a wish for their child to return before the end of term we have arranged 4 days next week for the children to spend some time in school. They can attend Monday to Thursday next week at the times indicated in the attached document. Please read it very carefully- our experience of other year groups returning is that not everyone is reading the guidelines as closely as they should and as a result are turning up at the wrong gates at the wrong time. If you do not wish to take advantage of this offer for your child please contact school directly. Thank you **This information is for those who indicated YES on the recent survey. This plan is based on those numbers. If you indicated NO please do not arrive with your child.**

Good morning, I hope you are all keeping well :) 
Today is the day that we are welcoming back some Year 3 children. We are very excited to see some of you and have the classroom all set up to social distance the best we can. 

For all those who are not returning, I will comtinue to post daily work below. Please send any work you do to my email: Rebecca.brown@hunsletstmarys.co.uk. I love receiving all your pictures and looking at the learning you are doing.

As you may have already seen, when we return in September Quartz class will remain the same and myself and Mrs Winstanley will still be with the children. This will continue until Jan 2021. Further details on classes for after Jan 2021 will be communicated closer to the time. 

Link for George’s marvellous medicine: https://www.slideshare.net/SharenGanesh/georges-marvellous-medicine
Keep safe,

Miss Brown

Additional websites: 

Espresso login details: Please email me and I will send the details for logging in. 

Opportunity for thought and reflection: Pentecost

Holy Spirit, sent by the Father,

ignite in us your holy fire;

strengthen your children with the gift of faith,

revive your Church with the breath of love,

and renew the face of the earth,

through Jesus Christ our Lord

Reflection opportunity:
What gives you strength? How can we 'renew the earth'? (Help the earth) 

Stay safe and remain positive 
Miss Brown xx 





Reading activities – book links

Place value



Addition and subtraction



Multiplication and division



X tables


Reading activities- book links




Activity  (See the next page for further explanations on each of these activites)



Exercise - PE with Joe Wicks. 








Numeracy activity


Lunch with outside activity 


Wider curriculum /project 


TTRS practise


Story time  - Read stories / act out stories / listen to audio stories


Independent activity / quiet time / more exercise 


Normal afternoon/ evening routine





Extra curriculum/projects

Daily exercise

Writing challenge

TTRS tournament – do not forget I can see how much you are logging on.


PE: Can you create your own dance?

Joe wick’ daily exercise




https://www.gonoodle.com/good-energy-at-home-kids-games-and-videos/ you need to set up a home account.

Daily work documents:
Year 3 message board

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  • 01-07-2020 - Miss BrownI am looking forward to seeing you Hillary :)
  • 01-07-2020 - Hillary I am going to school
  • 28-06-2020 - Miss BrownDoes this mean you won't be coming back Fawaz even if you are allowed?
  • 28-06-2020 - FawazHello everybody, if you want to see me again, you will have to wait to September. But are any of you returning back to school ? I wonder how it feels to go back to school now. Sakina is going back to school and she is glad !
  • 25-06-2020 - Miss BrownHi everyone - I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. I have a little bit of news for all of you: 1 - As you might have seen on the school website, the classes for next year have been decided. So that we all come back a little normality next school year, me and Mrs Winstanley will still be your teachers up until Christmas :D 2 - Mr Ford has put a link for parents at the top of the page to see how many of you would be interested in coming back to school for a little while before the summer holidays. During this time we will be doing some fun activities and sending some time together (hopefully in the sunshine) seeing as though we haven't been able to see each other for so long. I hope you see as many of you as possible before the summer holidays! Miss Brown xx
  • 19-06-2020 - Miss BrownFawaz- We don't have a school account for spelling shed but I will look into setting one up today for you :)
  • 18-06-2020 - FawazMiss Brown - I really enjoyed the research of Mary Seacole! On spelling shed, I managed to put all the logging in stuff , but we need a class code.
  • 17-06-2020 - Miss BrownThere is another one on there for you now with TopAZ - LET'S WIN!
  • 17-06-2020 - When is the next battle on tt rockstars Declan
  • 16-06-2020 - Miss BrownI am glad you enjoyed it Hillary :)
  • 16-06-2020 - HillaryI like todays work
  • 10-06-2020 - Miss BrownHi Hillary :) Fawaz - You will need to create your own account as we don't have a school one :)
  • 09-06-2020 - FawazMiss Brown- Today I have been on spelling shed but, should I create my own account or sign in ?
  • 09-06-2020 - hillaryhi
  • 08-06-2020 - Miss BrownI have archived all your message to make a little more room on the website :)
Our home learning:

Can I please remind you during these times to Stay Safe Online. I know I am asking you to use different websites and different links on a daily basis to help you with your home learning but please make sure you are being safe and only following the links that I have posted. Also remember the discussions we have had in class on how we stay safe;

  • Only add your real friends to online games
  • Do not talk to anyone you don't know
  • Do not give your personal information (such as your school, your whole name, your age, your address)
  • Only use games and apps that are appropriate for your age
  • Tell an adult if you see something that worries you
  • Talk to your adults about what you are doing on the interenet so they know you are being safe
Info for parents https://www.internetmatters.org/schools-esafety/parent-online-support-pack-teachers/
Info for children https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/young-people/resources-3-11s

Websites to have a look at: 
Online website
100 things to indoors
Lego challenge
Activities to try at home: