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Senior Leadership Team (from April 2020)

Mrs Linda Wright - Interim Head Teacher

Mrs Susan Stevenson-   Assistant Head Teacher
Strategic Leader for English, Years 2 and 3 Phase Leader, School Based Mentor for Trainees

Ms Jessica Crisp - Assistant Head Teacher
Strategic Leader for Mathematics and SEND, Professional Development Lead, Early Years and Year 1 Phase  Leader

Wider Leadership Team (from April 2020)

Mr Sam Penberthy - Maths Leader, Years 4, 5 and 6 Phase Leader KS2 leader, Curriculum Development Leader

Mrs Vicky Lazenby - Early Reading Leader and Phonics Champion

Miss Louise Atkinson - SENDCO

Safeguarding and Child Protection Team

Joanne Williamson-    Child Protection Officer

Deborah Stanton-       Attendance and Welfare Officer

Rebecca Brown-         Teacher
SEND team (from April 2020)

Ms Jessica Crisp  (

Miss Louise Atkinson (

Externally sourced Speech and Language Therapist

Teaching Team (from May 2020)

Miss Eleanor Chin - Pearl Class (Reception)
English Team

Ms Jessica Crisp - Diamond Class (Year 1)
Mathematics Team

Miss Melissa Berry - Sapphire Class (Year 1)
Art and Design and Design Technology Leader

Miss Louise Atkinson - Ruby Class (Year 2)

Mrs Vicky Lazenby - Emerald Class (Year 2/3)
English Team and Music Leader

Mrs Susan Stevenson - Amethyst Class (Year 3)
English Team

Miss Rebecca Brown - Quartz Class (Year 4)
PSHE/Citizenship and History Leader

Mr Matt Keddie - Topaz Class (Year 4)
PE Leader

Mrs Laura Ward - Year 5
Science and Languages Leader

Miss Rebekah Smith - Year 5 Support Teacher
Geography and Computing Leader 

Mr Sam Penberthy - Year 6
Maths Team

Mrs Gemma Appleyard - Cover Teacher in Amethyst and Ruby Class
RE Leader 

WiderSchool Support Team

Mrs Karen Shields- Office Manager

Mrs Debbie Crosthwaite- Administrative Assistant

Mrs Deborah Stanton- Attendance Officer, After School Club Support

Ms Jo Williamson- Nursery Officer, Forest Schools Leader, After School Club Leader

Mrs Lisa Robinson- Nursery Officer

Mrs Dawn Greenaway- Nursery Officer

Support Staff

Mrs Mandy Parker, Mrs Carol Micklethwaite, Mrs Debbie Winstanley, Ms Lauren Wormald,
Mrs Lisa Bayley, Mrs Tracey Spivey, Miss Helen Easterby, Mrs Natalie Hirst, Mrs Emma Meston

Premises and Lunchtime Team

Mr Jim Roberts (Site Superintendent)
Margaret Roberts
Diane Sharp
Jeanette Dickinson
Joanne Dickson