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Our school calendars for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 can be downloaded below.


With effect from Monday 8th March, the school day varies for each class as follows-

Main school gate


Year 4 (Quartz and Topaz)- 8:45am to 3:00pm


Year 5 (Mrs Ward)- 9:00am to 3:15pm


Year 6 (Mr Penberthy)- 9:15am to 3:30pm



Key Stage 1 playground gate behind church site


Ruby class (Year 2)- 8:45am to 3:00pm


Emerald class (Year 2 and some 3)- 9:00am to 3:15pm


Amethyst class (Year 3)- 9:15am to 3:30pm



Lupton Street gate onto Key Stage 2 playground

Pearl class (Reception)- 8:45am to 3:00pm


Year 1 (Sapphire and Diamond)- 9:00am to 3:15pm


There are whole school worship assemblies on Monday and Thursday each week. The Thursday assembly is led by the parish priest.

Key Stage assemblies are held on Tuesday and our Family Key worker group assemblies are held on Wednesday..

On Friday we celebrate children's achievement in our Good Work Assembly to which parents are invited.

All assemblies are held immediately after morning registration.