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RSE at St Mary's (sex and relationship education) 
You might be aware that the Department of Education has introduced new guidance for schools on how they deliver their ‘Relationships and Health Curriculum’ (PSHE). This was initially due to be implement in September 2020, but due to COVID-19 was delayed until the summer term of 2021. This means that from next term, the new statutory guidance will begin to be implemented.  We have been in the process of updating our policy and curriculum since early 2020. We want to be sure that we create a curriculum that meets the statutory guidance but also accommodate views of the families we have as part of our community at St Mary’s.

Lessons will include children learning about: Healthy Relationships, including friendships; families, including how families might differ from our own; growing and changing including puberty; personal hygiene; keeping safe; becoming more independent and developing self-esteem and confidence.

The government’s guidance can be accessed below:

In accordance with this, our RSE policy and curriculum has been updated with the relevant RSE units in line with our scheme: 'You, me, PSHE'. RSE units are included without our PSHE teaching in years 2,4 and 6. The specific RSE units can be found in the PSHE curriculum documents above. 

As part of this process, we had planned to set up a parent working group and invite parents in for a curriculum evening and consultation to discuss the new policy face to face. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented circumstances we face this year, we have been unable to do this. In replacement of this, we have created a survey to gather your thoughts and ideas about the new changes to the RSE policy and curriculum. Your participaton with this would be greatly apprechiated. Here is the link:
Below you will also find the draft version of our new RSE policy and a powerpoint with additional information. 

If you have any questions or queries, do not hestitate to get in touch. 
PSHE at St Mary's 
At St Mary’s we believe that PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) is a fundamental subject in helping our pupils’ develop into caring, considerate and responsible individuals. PSHE is a non-statutory subject but an important part of all pupils’ education and a necessary part of safeguarding. The promotion of pupils’ personal development is a fundamental aspect of education and underpins all other learning. Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is central to the development of the pupils at St Mary’s. 
RSE (relationship and sex education)  is also a vital part of our PSHE teaching. RSE units are taught in Y2, Y4 and Y6.