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For any children self-isolating from Year Six, you will find details about our class work below.

When you have completed your work, you can email it to me: sam.penberthy@hunsletstmarys.co.uk

Maths - please follow the below link to find videos on the daily work.
Monday - dividing fractions by integers (whole numbers)
Tuesday - order of operations with fractions
Wednesday - fractions of an amount
Thursday - finding the whole when we know a fraction
Thursday 26th November 2020

Today's work is below.

Maths - Today we are finding the whole when we know a fraction.
English - We are beginning to plan a persuasive leaflet to encourage people to visit Manaus. Read the pages (pictures attached) and make notes about the attractions that you could use to excite people with.
D&T - We are continuing the learn how to make pop-up books. Have a look at examples on YouTube and see if you can make a pop up feature!
Maths work

Use the link above to find videos on the same subjects and then download this sheet and complete it. If you can print the sheet please do so, if not please complete on separate paper.

History work

Look at these pictures and create your own version of a Maya calendar.


Bible And Candle Clipart
May the wind be always at your back,
may the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall softly on your fields,
and until we meet again, may God hold you
in the palm of His hand.
Online safety Information for Children
  • Only add your real friends to online games
  • Do not talk to anyone you don't know
  • Do not give your personal information (such as your school, your whole name, your age, your address)
  • Only use games and apps that are appropriate for your age
  • Tell an adult if you see something that worries you
  • Talk to your adults about what you are doing on the interenet so they know you are being safe

Online safety Information for Parents 

It is likely that many children will be spending a lot of time online during the summer holiday. Please remain vigilant at all times regarding this and ensure you are fully aware of what your children are doing and where they are going online. This is of particular importance with respect to social media, chatrooms, house party, zoom etc. Unfortunately there are people who would take advantage of the current situation and we need to be extra careful with what the children are accessing online. The following links are to support you as parents in keeping your children safe online.





Year Six Message Board

We can use this message board to discuss work-related thoughts, questions and comments. Once you have submitted a comment, I have to approve it before it will appear.

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Here you will find a list of revision sites that you will find useful to help you prepare for SATs.